Women’s health company awarded 2022 Tell Award

The MSD Merck spin-off is the third win for Lucerne in the past five years


Canton Lucerne – The women’s health-focused pharma company, Organon, has been awarded the 2022 Tell Award for its success and contribution as an innovative company in Switzerland. This marks the third Tell Award win for a Lucerne-based company in the past five years.

The Swiss Tell award is awarded annually to companies of various sizes and across all industries who have positively contributed to the Swiss economy and that have demonstrated that Switzerland is the best location for innovation and direct investment. The Tell Awards is organized by the Swiss Business Hub USA where companies are nominated by the Swiss cantonal offices of economic development and selected by a jury at Swiss Business Hub USA.

The award was presented to Organon’s CEO, Kevin Ali and his team, by Ambassador Niculin Jäger, The Consul General of Switzerland in New York, and Daniel Bangser Trade Commissioner of Switzerland, at its Global Headquarters in Jersey City. Lucerne Business, the economic promotion agency for Canton Lucerne, also participated in the ceremony, and included the presence of Director Ivan Buck and VP of North America Michelle Abboud.

Organon was selected a winner was due to its dedication to global leadership in women’s health, its significant commitment to Switzerland (representing a total revenue of approximately $6.5 billion for MSD Merck in 2021) and the Lucerne HQ providing a significant scale and geographic reach as well as world-class commercial capabilities for a global pool of approximately 10,000 to 11,000 employees.

About Organon

Merck & Co. established the Headquarters for Organon & Co. in February 2021 as a standalone, spin-off company dedicated to global leadership in women’s health, adding more than 250 jobs to Lucerne’s biopharma ecosystem.

The HQ is independent and patient-centric and includes a wide range of local, regional and global functions including Marketing, Quality Control, Supply Chain, and Commercial functions with a focus on Women’s Health, Biosimilars (mostly oncology and inflammatory diseases) and Dermatology, Respiratory, Pain and Cardiovascular and administrative functions for more than 60 medicines distributed in over 140 markets. 

Organon has global offices in 62 countries and products are available to people in more than 135 countries.