The Hub for Health Tech

Switzerland’s life sciences dominance: global influencers fueling innovation Switzerland excels in the life sciences sector, attracting global capital and talent. Major international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology players such as Biogen, Merck (MSD), Hamilton, Organon, and Align Technology join homegrown giants like Novartis and Roche, while many smaller firms choose it as their European R&D or headquarters base. This ecosystem nurtures innovative companies in medical technology and biotechnology, fostering partnerships, licensing, and patent deals.

Swiss Life Science:
A Global Powerhouse

The life science industry in Switzerland has a strong international bias, 98% of its turnover is made abroad. With a share of 33% of Swiss export goods, chemical-pharmaceutical products are the most important exported good in Switzerland. Availability of high-quality scientists in Switzerland is very high thanks to leading universities and universities of applied sciences and financially sound and research-based pharmaceutical companies. In comparison to other top international locations, the Swiss life science industry has the highest work productivity.

With its 1,400 manufacturers, suppliers,
distributors and service providers


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million of CHF Capital invested


companies in the sector

MedDevice/Digital Health:

When it comes to Med-Device and digital health, Switzerland stands out as an attractive destination due to its position as one of the world’s most dynamic and interconnected centers for life sciences. Nestled in the heart of Europe, it boasts a comprehensive, integrated ecosystem that attracts international biotech companies to set up operations here. Switzerland has the largest number of companies involved in medical technologies per resident in Europe. 1,400 suppliers, manufacturers, and international trading companies thrive in the field of medtech, specializing in biomaterials, cardiovascular and dental devices, implants, diabetic devices, electro-medical equipment, orthopedic and ophthalmologic imaging, respiratory equipment, surgical instruments, and wound treatment. The region also hosts companies specializing in automation, micro-machining, and micro-assembly, crucial for the medtech industry.
Switzerland’s attractiveness is underpinned by several fundamental factors that contribute to our success in this field. These include strong research efforts, a sophisticated and prosperous environment fostered by a skilled workforce, and a highly accommodating set of regulatory and structural conditions.

Switzerland offers an outstanding framework for procuring capital. The economic and scientific environment boasts the presence of successful international chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Besides homegrown giants such as Novartis and Roche, all major biopharma companies have a substantial presence in Switzerland and many smaller companies choose Switzerland as their R&D hub or European HQ. Furthermore, there are also many innovative firms from the medical technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology sectors, making it highly suitable for strategic partnerships, licensing, or patent sales.

Switzerland's Biotech Powerhouse:
Global Players Driving Commercial and R&D Innovation

Switzerland's Rise as a Biotech Powerhouse: Exploring the Key Factors

Strong Research and Academic Institutions,
Proximity to biopharma Industry,
Supportive Regulatory Environment,
Strong Intellectual Property Protection,
Highly Skilled Workforce,
Access to Funding and Venture Capital,
Strong Infrastructure and Collaboration, including state-of-the-art laboratories, research centers, and technology parks,
Political Stability