Success Stories

BioFi AG newly settles in Basel

BioFi has set up its headquarters in Basel. The company has emerged from Crowley Davis Research, which was established in the US state of Idaho in 2000. Using its proprietary technologies, BioFi operates the CellSim platform, which can be used to model and simulate living organisms.

The newly established company BioFi AG has settled in Basel. It brings with it the technological heritage of US company Crowley Davis Research Inc, which is being dissolved, and operates a proprietary, trademarked platform called CellSim. This provides virtual modeling and simulation solutions for living organisms, ranging from single-cell organisms to advanced cancer tissue. The application areas include drug discovery and development and synthetic biology.

Intersection of biology and computer science

Bill Crowley, CEO of Crowley Davis Research and CFO of BioFi AG, commented: “The Basel Area is now home for this collection of proprietary technologies and quite fittingly so; the area is ground zero for exactly the kinds of talent and resources the company needs to achieve its highest and best use in science.” CEO of BioFi AG Thomas Nirnberger adds: “As one of the leading life sciences and technology clusters in Europe, the Basel Area is a natural location to grow a business at the intersection of biology and computer science.”

BioFi’s settlement has been supported by the location and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation and Switzerland Innovation.