Medacta offering personalized solutions for hip replacement surgery

Castel San Pietro TI – The prosthetic specialist Medacta has developed two applications for personalized hip replacement operations. The first facilitates preoperative planning in 3D, while the second verifies exact positioning during surgery. The products have now also received clearance from the US FDA.

Medacta  is expanding its personalized medicine solutions for hip prostheses to include the MyHip Planner application and MyHip Verifier. These applications support surgeons to plan in 3D the respective surgical interventions on specific patients and analyze surgical progress during the operation. The Ticino-based company has now announced that the two tools have received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while the relevant distribution approvals are already in place for the EU, Australia and Japan.

According to a press release issued by the company itself, these applications were developed with the aim of predicting and minimizing surgical complexity as well as to improve the results of surgery and patient satisfaction overall. They can be used together or independently of each other.

MyHip Planner is a CT-based (computed tomography) software solution for surgeons. It offers an automatic and precise 3D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy and real time post-operative dynamic simulation of the range of movements for everyday activities. In this way, surgeons are able to select the correct implant and optimally position it for the respective anatomy and biomechanics of the patient.

In contrast, MyHip Verifier represents a “time-neutral tool allowing an accurate intraoperative analysis of the surgical reconstruction”, explains Dr. Lachlan Milne, orthopedic surgeon in Western Australia and member of the expert panel of surgeons that helped develop the two platforms together with Medacta.

Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta, has already announced the latest innovation developed by his firm: “Our ecosystem of personalized and highly technological solutions will be soon enhanced with our new NextARTM augmented reality-based surgical platform, which we have recently launched for total knee arthroplasty, and which we are working to integrate in our hip portfolio”.

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