Improving elderly care at Lucerne’s iHomeLab with “iSens light”

iSens Light

Source: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Canton Lucerne – iSens light is a commercially available sensor detecting irregularities in an elderly person’s movement patterns at home. If irregularities are observed, a caretaker is alerted!

The iHomeLab, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has produced the iSens light, a sensor placed near the bed of a person in need of care that detects irregularities in movement patterns and, if necessary, informs the caregiver. This product is aimed to help elderly people and has been commercially available since spring 2021. The iSens light began as a research project part of the iHomeLab’s Active Assisted Living sector focus. 

The biggest advantage between previous systems is that the iSens light sensor monitors a small area of the bed whereas the other systems monitored the entire room. This would often trigger false alarms , creating more work for nurses.

The iHomeLab is a center of excellence for Intelligent Building Technologies and Smart Homes in the three main areas:

(1) Active Assisted Living (new technologies that improve the quality of life of the elderly and enable autonomy within their own four walls).

(2) Smart Energy Management (systems to reduce energy consumption in buildings).

(3) Safe Building Intelligence (intelligent systems and digitization and how networked everyday objects in health, transport, environment and social interaction can help to improve the quality of life).

iHomeLab is a part of the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We are interested in hearing from you.

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