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Switzerland's fintech and blockchain dominance: A global phenomenon

Switzerland’s leadership in fintech and blockchain is driven by its favorable regulations, robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and commitment to innovation. The country attracts leading companies in these sectors, fostering a thriving ecosystem. Switzerland’s progressive regulatory environment, secure banking systems, and dedication to data protection create a trustworthy environment for fintech and blockchain operations. Notable companies include the Sygnum, Etherium, Bitcoin Suisse, Temenos, and Avaloq. The collaborative ecosystem promotes knowledge sharing and partnerships among industry players, startups, academia, and government entities. Switzerland’s leadership in fintech and blockchain is a result of its conducive business environment and support for innovation.

Swiss ecosystem

Success stories


Mihai Alisie is the co-founder of Ethereum, one of the blockchain pioneers that settled in Zug in 2014. The rapid success of Ethereum attracted many more blockchain companies in and around the area of Zug and made Greater Zurich a well-known hub for crypto and blockchain businesses.

With a new valuation of around 2 billion US dollars, has become the largest crypto unicorn of the Greater Zurich Area’s Crypto Valley. is the new parent company of 21Shares from Zug, the world’s largest cryptocurrency product issuer, as well as its platform Onyx and the company Amun.


The French company Ledger is the world-wide leader in security for crypto assets. With the help of the Swiss Business Hub France, the company has recently set up in Zurich where it has found a vibrant crypto ecosystem.


This US-based company values the Greater Zurich Area’s central location in the heart of Europe. The region’s customer potential, banking infrastructure and nonstop innovation offer significant location advantages.


NMKR is creating an NFT-ecosystem that targets businesses for real-world use cases and users beyond those who already are crypto-savvy. In the Canton of Aargau, the NFT start-up has found an ideal location to develop its operations and build out its Web3 products.

Further insights

Blockchain Hub Switzerland

Blockchain technology has the power to transform the way you do business and Switzerland has what it takes to help you get there: The country’s strong ecosystem, safe regulatory environment, and highly skilled workforce make it an ideal place to grow and thrive in the blockchain space. Especially now, as companies in the industry have become more cautious und focus more on security and regulation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Crypto Valley: Where does the cryptocurrency industry stand in Switzerland?

In 2022, scandals eroded trust in the global crypto industry. However, according to the latest CV VC Top 50 Report, the Swiss ecosystem surrounding Crypto Valley in the Greater Zurich Area remained stable. We talked to crypto-stars to get their perspective on the situation.

German regional banks turn to Dydon AI software solution

Herrliberg – Several German regional banks have chosen the Taxo Tool software solution developed by Dydon AI for the implementation of the new, complex EU Taxonomy. It is already being used by numerous financial institutions in the German-speaking DACH region in order to evaluate the sustainability of economic activities.

Zurich is the world’s second-best location for fintechs

Rotkreuz – Zurich has once again been named as the region offering the second-best framework conditions for fintech enterprises around the world. This finding is based on this year’s fintech study carried out by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Following a decline in 2021, the Swiss fintech sector recorded growth of 14 percent again last year.

Switzerland is the world’s third-largest reinsurance location

Zurich/Basel – Reinsurance companies based in Switzerland recorded gross premiums of 45.6 billion Swiss francs in 2021. This makes it the world’s third-largest location for reinsurance, according to a study by BAK Economics on behalf of the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA).

Trading with tokenized investment products successful in Switzerland

Zurich/Geneva – Key players in the Swiss financial industry have successfully developed and tested a novel settlement mechanism for tokenized investment products in Swiss francs. It will enable the industry to increase efficiency and simplify cross-border settlement.