Authorized for use in the USA: Geistlich Pharma’s collagen membrane

Canton Lucerne / Canton Zurich – The Geistlich Nexo-Gide, the collagen membrane developed by Swiss-based regenerative medical device company, Geistlich Pharma, has obtained clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Nexo-Gide supports healing processes for tendon and ligament injuries, increasing the probability for successful surgical procedures for severe tendon and ligament injuries.

“Tendon injuries are still a major clinical challenge,” comments Carrie Hartill, Business Unit Director at Geistlich Surgery, in the press release. She explains that tendon and ligament injuries account for nearly half of all the 32 million musculoskeletal injuries recorded in the US each year. The Geistlich Nexo-Gide provides “a versatile, flexible option with clearly carved-out features” that allows for a higher likelihood of a positive surgical outcome related to these types of injuries.

The absorbable, bi-layered collagen membrane developed by the Lucerne-based subsidiary of the Geistlich Group from Schlieren in the canton of Zurich increases the likelihood of successful surgical procedures for patients suffering from severe tendon and ligament injuries, serving as a protective cover to support the body’s own healing process.

Other News

The Lucerne-based regenerative company Geistlich Pharma recently acquired the medical technology company, Meta Technologies, expanding its existing offering as a regeneration specialist. Geistlich had already been working with the company for years, distributing Meta products in numerous market regions before the acquisition.

Geistlich Pharma was also the recipient of the Innovation Award 2021, organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Central Switzerland (ihz). The award was given for the company’s Geistlich Derma-Gide product which addresses a typical condition of the approximately 425 million people worldwide with diabetes: chronic wounds in the foot and lower leg area are a particularly dreaded late consequence.

In the service of diabetes patients, Geistlich has developed this award-winning novel wound matrix in several years of work and as an interdisciplinary team effort. The joy in in-house research & development is particularly great. Niklaus Stiefel, Principal Scientist shared, “We are committed to medical regeneration. We search for and find new, innovative treatment concepts with great passion”.

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